External NAS Raid Data Recovery


 Data Recovery



 866-460-4726  provides Wisconsin Residents data recovery for External Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives and mass  data storage devices. We also provide data recovery for Raid configured data storage devices and NAS devices. We provide Wisconsin with external NAS Raid Data Recovery for Seagate Hard Drives, Western Digital Hard Drives, Maxtor Hard Drives, Samsung Hard Drives, Hitachi hard drives, Toshiba hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu hard drives, HP SCSI hard Drives, Dell SCSI hard Drives, SUn SCSI Drives, SAS, SSD, Solid State Drives Micro Sata, Sata, IDE, IBM SAS, Seagate SAS, Hitachi SAS, Fujitsu SAS, HP SAS, Dell SAS, IBM SCSI, Seagate SCSI, Dell SCSI, HP SCSI, Compaq SCSI, Fugitsu SCSI, SUN SCSI, SAS hard drives, Sata Hard Drives, SSD Solid State Hard Drives, IDE hard drives, Micro Sata hard drives


External Hard drives and Network data storage devices were designed to backup the data on your computer.  They were designed to be used to create a copy of your data.  With the large volume of music and photo files generated today, many people find themselves using these devices as a primary data storage device.  When the  Hard drive crashes, they now find themselves without a copy of there data and in need of our Wisconsin External NAS Raid Data Recovery services.  It is strongly recommended when using your storage devices as a primary storage device that you include another hard drive as a data backup device. 


Flash Drives and Thumb drives were designed for copying data to transfer to another device or as an additional copy of your data.  Again as with the external drives we find that many people are now using the flash drives and Thumb drives as primary storage devices.  again strongly recommends that you only  use these devices to hold a copy of your critical data.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and Mass Data storage devices are relatively new to the small business owner and home user.  The devices are similar to a data storage server without an operating system. They generally come with a raid controller that allows you to configure the hard drives in various arraignments.   When these hard drives fail the data recovery is more complex and more expensive.   Again these devices are intended for data back up.  Unless set up correctly in a Raid 1 configuration they should not be used as primary storage devices, unless they are also backed up. For more information call one of our techs when attempting to configure a Raid system. 


Network Configuration – Network Installation – Raid  Server Installation -  Operating Systems installed and reconfigured – Data Recovery - Data Backup - Secure Data  Deletion – Data Security – Data Storage –   NAS Raid Data Recovery - USB Removable Driver  data recovery - File recovery - Email recovery, Small Office and Home Computer Repairs – Computer Maintenance – Network Maintenance - Forensic NAS Raid Data Recovery - External NAS Raid Data Recovery  - NAS Raid Data Recovery – Raid  Network Attached Storage  Data Recovery - USB Flash Drive Data Recovery   - NAS Recovery - FLash Memory Card Data Recovery


 Our techs have a combined 57 years experience in NAS Raid Data Recovery. provides the following External NAS Raid Data Recovery and Raid data recovery services:


DATA RECOVERY FROM Crashed hard Drives and Crashed Raid configured hard drives with the following systems format :


HFS+, HFSX and HFS Wrapper nix, HP UNIX, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5, UFS (all variants),VxFS, HTFS,EAFS, ZIP, Ext2, Ext3 and Reiser FS and encryption


Data Recovery from hard drives configured in Raid 0, Raid 1,  Raid 1 – 0, Raid 10, Raid 3, Raid 5, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, raid 15



Red Hat, Suse, Caldera, SCO, Debian, Mandrake, Sorcerer, Turbo Linux, Slackware, Gentoo, Windows Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000, Mac OS X 10.3.9 SCO Openserver (HTFS & EAFS), SCO Unixware (VxFS & UFS), Solaris Intel (UFS) ,Solaris Sparc (UFS),BSD (UFS1 & UFS2) .HP UNIX (JFS 3.0,3.1,3.3)


 NAS Raid Data Recovery for hard drives utilizing the following Raid Controllers:

3 ware Controllers, HP Controllers, IBM Controllers, Adaptec Controllers, NVIDIA controllers, Promise Technology controllers, Ascer Controllers, Highpoint controllers, LSI Controllers, Intel Raid Controllers, Sans Controllers and more.  


Windows Server Data Recovery                        Advanced Raid Server Data recovery for any Enterprise servers including the following model: Macintosh X Server, HP ProLiant, HP Integrity Superdome, HP AlphaServer DS25, HP AlphaServer DS15A, Sun Netra, Sun SPARC Enterprise, IBM x86 enterprise servers, Dell™ PowerEdge™ T110, Xenos Enterprise Server, Raid Inc Xanadu™, Silicon Mechanics Storform nServ, Silicon Mechanics Rackform iServ, Intel® Storage Server

We Provide advanced SAS data recovery for all makes and models of enterprise SAS  drives including:   Seagate Hard Drives, Samsung SAS Hard Drives, Hitachi SAS hard drives, Toshiba SAS hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu hard drives, Sun SAS, IBM SAS, Seagate SAS, Hitachi SAS, Fujitsu SAS, HP SAS, Dell SAS  configured in Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 1 – 0, Raid 10, Raid 3, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 6, ZFS Raid, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, raid 15, Raid 6E, Raid 1.5, Raid 7, Raid-DP, Raid S, Matrix Raid, Raid-K, Raid-Z, Raidn, Linux MD 10, IBM ServeRaid 1E, unRaid, Drobo BeyondRaid, Nested Array, Hybrid Array, Raid Data Reconstruction Recovery from hard drives configured in Standard Raid Levels Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 2, Raid 3, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 6. Modified Standard Raid Levels - Nested Raid Levels Raid 0 + 1 (raid 01), Raid 1 + 0 (raid 10), Raid 3 + 0 (raid 30 or raid 53), Raid 0 +3 (raid 03), Raid 1 +0 + 0 (raid100), Raid 5+ 0 (raid 50), Raid 5 + 1 (raid 51), Raid 0 + 5 (raid 05), raid 6 + 0 (raid 60).  Non Standard Raid Levels. Double Parity, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, Raid 6e, Raid-DP, Raid1.5, Parity Raid, Matrix Raid, Raid K, Raid S, Raid Z, Beyond Raid, unRaid, Linux MD 10, IBM ServeRaid 1E, ineo Complex Raid, Raidn, Non Raid Drive Architectures: SLED, JBOD, MAID, SPAN, BIG    


Enterprise Raid Server Sas Hard drives ( Serial Attached SCSI) are enterprise hard drives generally used in Servers and Nas Devices in conjunction with raid controllers.  A select few motherboards now have allow SAS drives to connect directly to the motherboard.  The drives spin at 10,000 and 15,000 rpms allowing for faster read and write cycles.  As with their SCSI predecessors, successful data recovery of SAS drives require advanced data recovery hardware and software.   We use  the latest advance hardware and software for all of are data recovery cases.    Raid Server Data Recovery :  We provide Raid Server Data Recovery for all Server makes and models.  I addition to Raid Array data recovery for Raid Servers, we also provide raid data recovery for all makes and models of NAS Raid appliances, SAN Servers and External and Internal Raid Arrays.  Generally most raid array recoveries are completed within 24 hours of receipt of the drives.       As with our individual hard drive data recovery, we follow a prescribe methodology for raid array recoveries from Raid Servers, San Servers, NAS Devices, Internal and external raid arrays. Each Drive is examined to determine any problem with that drive. If a logical or hardware issue is discovered it is corrected so as to make the drive mountable.    Each mountable drive is than Forensically imaged to one of our Enterprise SATA drives. Our Advanced Forensic Imaging devices have two advantages over other imaging software and hardware.  Our Imagers have the fastest data transfer rates available.  Our Forensic hardware and software has the ability of reading multiple bad sectors and recovering those sectors to the recovery drive.  This leads to a greater data recovery success rate when dealing with bad sector issues.  The Imaged drives are than mounted on one of our Raid Recovery workstations, where our engineers will determine the parameters of the raid array, reconstruct and de-strip the array, which is then copied to another drive. Although we do not promote the use of large volume raid arrays, we will recovery any raid array, no matter the size the drives nor the number of drives used in the array. If you are contemplating constructing a large volume array call and talk to one of our engineers to learn the inherent problems and failure rates of large volume raid arrays.   Our goal is the complete recovery your data without causing more loss or corruption to the failed drives. We therefore DO NOT  perform data recovery over the Internet nor over a Network.  We WILL NOT perform data recovery from a source drive, active Server, Workstation or NAS Device.  All of these methods present a high risk of data loss or data corruption. For more information concering recovery from Raid Servers, SAN Servers, NAS Devices, Internal raid arrays or external raid arrys call and speak to one of our raid recovery engineers.        


   .               We Provide advanced SCSI data recovery for all makes and models of enterprise SCSI  drives including:   Seagate SCSI Hard Drives, Samsung SCSI Hard Drives, Hitachi SCSI hard drives, Toshiba SCSI hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu SCSI hard drives, Sun SCSI, IBM SCSI, Seagate SCSI, Hitachi SCSI, Fujitsu SCSI, HP SAS, Dell SCSI,  We Provide advanced SATA / IDE data recovery for all makes and models of SATA / IDE  drives including:   Seagate /  Maxtor SATA / IDE Hard Drives, Samsung SATA / IDE Hard Drives, Hitachi SATA / IDE hard drives, Toshiba SATA / IDE hard drives, IBM SATA / IDE hard drives, Fujitsu SATA / IDE hard drives, Western Digital SATA / IDE, Samsung SATA / IDE      In addition to major city data recovery and metro data recovery we also provide small town data recovery such as Sean data recovery, Matthew Data recovery, Linda Data Recovery, Dennis data recovery to all small towns and cities in the US, Canada, Caribbean and South America


.        We Provide advanced SAS data recovery for all makes and models of enterprise SAS drives including:  Seagate Hard Drives, Samsung SAS Hard Drives, Hitachi SAS hard drives, Toshiba SAS hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu hard drives, Sun SAS, IBM SAS, Seagate SAS, Hitachi SAS, Fujitsu SAS, HP SAS, Dell SAS



We Also provide Advanced Enterprise NL-SAS ( Nearline SAS) data recovery for all makes and models of NearLine SAS Hard drives including Seagate Constellation NL-SAS, Hitachi NL-SAS, Fujitsu NL SAS, Dell NL-SAS, HP NL SAS and more.  NL-SAS Drives are Enterprise SATA drives using a SAS controller and generally run at 7200 RPM.  We provide SATA SAS data recovery for all NL-SAS Drives weather used in A SAN server, Enterprise Server, NAS server, External Storage device or internal SAS Connection.  SATA SAS Data Recovery configured in SATA SAS Raid 1, SATA SAS Raid 0, SATA SAS Raid 5, SATA SAS Raid 6, SATA SAS Hybrid Raids, SATA SAS Raid 10 , SATA SAS Raid 01, SATA SAS Raid 05, SATA SAS Raid 50, SATA SAS Raid 60,  Data on all raid arrays other that raid 1 are striped across the drives in the array,  Once each drive has been forensically imaged, the raid array is reconstructed from the imaged drives.  De-striping data recovery is the preformed on the array and the data is then reconstructed into single file format.  The data files then can be copied to a single drive. Whether a raid 5 data recovery, raid 6 recovery, raid 50 recovery or raid 10 data recovery, de-striping data recovery is conducted on each array. .





We provide Forensic Data Recovery and Forensic data imaging of all make and models of hard drives, raid arrays, flash drives, micro hard drives.  Forensic imaging , byte by byte imaging of each sector allows for the most complete recovery of all data, including previously delete and fragmented remnants. We use the most advance Forensic hardware and software for hard drive imaging and  Forensic data recovery.    Forensic Raid Array Imaging, Forensic SATA SAS Raid imaging, Forensic external drive imaging, Forensic hard drive imaging. 


In Addition to NAS data recovery we also provide SAN data recovery.  SAN. Storage Area Network, are high speed Enterprise data storage devices generally connected to a network via Fiber Optics.  The San devices are generally used for storage of large amounts of data and high speed data transfer.  SAN Devices are usually configured in 1 or more Raid Arrays using enterprise SATA, SAS or SCSI Drives.  We provide raid data recovery for all SAN Raid 1, SAN Raid 0, SAN Raid 5, SAN Raid 6, Hybrid SAN arrays and any other SAN Raid array configuration. We provide San Data Recovery for all makes and models of SATA Drives, SAS Drives and SCSI Drives. We provide SAN Data Recovery for Qnap, Sans Digital, Drobo SAN, Open E, ISCSI SAN, DS Dapron, Raid, Inc, Spectron and all other makes of SAN Servers.   We provide San Data Recovery for all makes and models of SATA Drives, SAS Drives and SCSI Drives. We maintain a Class 100 Clean Room data recovery environment for platter exchange required for failed or seized drive motors.  Head exchange data recovery for failed hard drive reading heads is also preformed in a Class 100 clean room data recovery environment. Head Platter stuckation data recovery is also preformed in a Class 100 clean room station.   


Recovery, Flash Media Data Recovery, Thumb drive data recovery and SSD NAND Chip Data recovery. We provide circuit board data recovery , controller chip data recovery and NAND chip data recovery for failed flash drives.  Data Recovery from failed circuit board or controller chips of flash drives, SSD drives and flash media is highly probable. Data recovery of a failed NAND chip is not possible. Once a NAND CHIP has failed the data is lost forever.  We provide Data Recovery from RAM (random access memory) chips in special cases. RAM Chip data recovery is possible as long as the power to the RAM chip has not been discontinued and the data has not been overwritten.  Once the power to the chip is stopped the data is dumped and Ram Chip data recovery is not possible. We provide data recovery for hard drives with failed PCB Circuit boards.   The Rom chip contains data specific to that hard drive and is needed to access the drive.  We use the most professional data recovery hardware and software specific to the hard drive manufacturer to ensure the most successful data recovery of the Rom Chip. We provide Matthew jailbreak iPhone data recovery, android mobile phone data recovery, smart phone data recovery and cell phone data recovery. In addition to Downtown Matthew jailbreak iphone data recovery we provide data recovery for iPods, PDAs, Kindles and all other Mobile media device


We provide tropical data recovery for all electronic media storage devices that have been damage due to server weather, fire, flood, tornado, hurricane and electrical power surges. The most common cause of data recovery loss during a tropical storm or sever weather event is power surges. If your drive fails to start after a power surge, do not continue to try to start the drive. Continued attempt to power up a damaged drive can led to more if not full data loss.  The second most common drive problem to occur during a sever weather event is water damage, whether full submersion or moisture contamination. In either case the hard drive should not be powered on.  Our tropical data recovery techniques are able to handle most any digital storage device which may have been compromised from water or moisture.


We Provide Enterprise Raid Data Recovery for our Corporate Raid Data Recovery Clients, Business Data Recovery Clients and our Home User NAS SAN data recovery Clients.We provide Home Data Recovery for all personal hard drives, external drives, raid arrays, Flash Drives and NAS Devices. We have a simple Flat Rate data recovery price based on the drive size. We have no other charges other than overnight return shipping if required by the client.  Our flat rate data recovery price is generally 50 to 60 % below our competitors. Weather your drive requires a Level 1 recovery, Level 2 Recovery or a Level 3 Recovery the price remains the same low rate always.  We provide Enterprise SATA SAS Data Recovery - Corporate SATA SAS Data Recovery - Home User SATA SAS Data Recovery - Business SATA SAS Data Recovery for all makes of SATA SAS drives worldwide. We provide Business SATA SAS Data Recovery for our small business Clients for all SATA, SAS, SCSI and IDE Drives as well as NAS appliances, SAN Servers, Raid Servers.  Our SATA SAS Business Data Recovery Pricing is the same low flat rate data recovery price as our Home SATA SAS Data Recovery Service.  We also Offer Enterprise SATA SAS data Recovery and Corporate Data Recovery for large Corporations, Law Firms, Universities, Military, Police Departments, Home Land Security and other Government entities. Our Corporate Data Recovery pricing is exactly the same low FLAT Rate price as with our Home Data Recovery, Enterprise Data Recovery and Business data recovery Services.  We do offer discounts to individual active military, police and fire personnel.  We provide Enterprise Data Recovery for all hard drives, external drives, raid arrays, Flash Drives , Raid Servers, SAN Servers and NAS Devices. We have a simple Flat Rate data recovery price based on the drive size as with our Home, Business and Corporate Data Recovery Services. We have no other recovery charges other than overnight return shipping if required by the client.  Our flat rate data recovery price is generally 50 to 60 % below our competitors. Weather your drive requires a Level 1 recovery, Level 2 Recovery or a Level 3 Recovery the price remains the same low rate always.  We provide Enterprise SATA SAS Data Recovery - Corporate SATA SAS Data Recovery - Home User SATA SAS Data Recovery - Business SATA SAS Data Recovery for all makes of SATA SAS drives worldwide.  


Our Data Recovery Services include data recovery of all makes and models of External Hard Drives. We provide External Hard Drive data recovery for Seagate External hard drives, Maxtor external drives, Western Digital external hard drives, Hitachi External drives, Fujitsu external drives, Samsung external hard drives and Toshiba External hard drives.  All other external hard drive brands will contain on of the above listed drives, including LaCie external drives, Iomega external drive, Buffalo Technology external Drives, Fantom and AData external hard drives.












USB Flash Drive data recovery



DATA RECOVERY OF deleted and corrupted  files including Adobe PDF, MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Corel Word Perfect and more



Flash Memory card DATA RECOVERY OF images from deleted or reformatted Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory Sticks and other media storage cards Including the following extensions: TIFF, EXIF, JPEG, GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG and more.


DATA RECOVERY OF files and images from scratched or corrupted Floppy, Disk, CD, DVD, HD DVD and Blue-Ray disks


RECOVERY OF Partitions from corrupted Hard drives


REPAIR of corrupted Master boot Directory of hard drives



We Provide data recovery for all makes and models of hard drives including:     Seagate Hard Drives, Western Digital Hard Drives, Maxtor Hard Drives, Samsung Hard Drives, Hitachi hard drives, Toshiba hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu hard drives, HP SCSI hard Drives, Dell SCSI hard Drives, SUn SCSI Drives, SAS, SSD, Solid State Drives Micro Sata, Sata, IDE, IBM SAS, Seagate SAS, Hitachi SAS, Fujitsu SAS, HP SAS, Dell SAS, IBM SCSI, Seagate SCSI, Dell SCSI, HP SCSI, Compaq SCSI, Fugitsu SCSI, SUN SCSI, SAS hard drives, Sata Hard Drives, SSD Solid State Hard Drives, IDE hard drives, Micro Sata hard drives



Macintosh Recovery

Linux Recovery

Windows Recovery

SCO Open Server Data Recovery

Unix NAS Raid Data Recovery

Solaris  Drive Data Recovery 

Raid Array Data Recovery

Forensic Data Recovery 

Network Attached (NAS) Storage data Recovery

USB Flash Drive data recovery 

Raid Server Data Recovery

Nas Data Recovery 

Flash Memory Card Recovery







Seagate Free Agent

Seagate Go 

Maxtor One Touch 



Western Digital My Book

Hammer More Space 


Iomega Prestige







San Disk Cruzer

Kingston Data Traveler 







Patriot Exporter

A Data


Generic USB Flash Drives




CompactFlash Type I (CF-I)
CompactFlash Type II (CF-II)
Extreme CompactFlash
Extreme III CompactFlash
Ultra II CompactFlash
High Speed CompactFlash
XS- Xtreme Speed CompactFlash
CompactFlash Elite Pro
IBM MicroDrive
Hitachi MicroDrive
Compact Flash PRO
SmartMedia Card (SMC)
TransFlash Memory
Memory Stick (MS)
Memory Stick PRO (MS-PRO)
Memory Stick Duo (MS-DUO)
Memory Stick PRO Duo (MS-PRO DUO)
Memory Stick MagicGate
High Speed Memory Stick PRO
High Speed Memory Stick PRO Duo
Memory Stick MagicGate PRO
Memory Stick MagicGate Duo
Memory Stick MagicGate PRO Duo
High Speed Memory Stick MagicGate PRO
High Speed Memory Stick MagicGate PRO Duo
Memory Stick Rom
Memory Stick Select
Extreme Memory Stick PRO
Extreme III Memory Stick PRO
Ultra II Memory Stick PRO
Secure Digital (SD)
Extreme Secure Digital
Extreme III Secure Digital
Ultra II Secure Digital
Secure Digital Elite Pro
MultiMediaCard (MMC)
MultiMediaCard 4.0
DV Reduced Size MultiMediaCard
High Speed Reduced Size MultiMediaCard
Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (RS MMC)
Reduced Size MultiMediaCard 4.0 (RS MMC 4.0)
Hi-Speed Mini SD
Ultra speed SD
High Speed MultiMediaCard
SmartMedia ROM
xD-Picture Card




Visionman Vision Vault, D-Link , Dell NAS devices, Buffalo Network Attached Storage, Iomega, Synology, LaCie, Thecus, Western Digital Share Space, Netgear, Hp Media Smart Media, Data Robotics, GMG, Vantec Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, Coolmax, Trendnet, Linksys, Sans Digital, Systemax NAS, SonicWall, Kanguru, US Robotics NAS, Dell Powervault, Dell PowerEdge, Overland Storage Snap Server, Seagate BlackArmor, Seagate NetStak 100, Seagate GoFlex Net Media, Seagate Home network storage system, FreeAgent DockStar. 


We also provide NAS Recovery for the following Data Robotics models:






We also provide NAS Recovery for the following D-Link models:


DNS-343-2TB 2TB 4-Bay Network Storage
DNS-321 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure
DNS-343 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure
DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure




We provide NAS Raid Recovery for the following Iomega NAS Devices:

Home Network Hard Drives
StorCenter Network Storage Solutions




We provide NAS Raid Recovery for the following Linksys models:



 Media Hub Home Entertainment Center

Linksys Netwrok Attached Storage System


We also provide NAS Raid Recoveryfor the following visonman models:

Storango SSTE-2NAS30
Storango SSTE-2NAS10
Storango SSTE-2NAS20
Storango SSTE-2NAS00
Storango SSTE-2NAS50
Storango SSTE-1NAS10
Storango SSTE-1NAS00



We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery  for the following OVERLAND STORAGE NAS models:


Snap Server® 650  
Snap Server® 620  
Snap Server® 410   
Snap Server® 210   
Snap Server® 110  
Snap Expansion S50




We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following Netgear NAS models:


ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition
ReadyNAS Pro
ReadyNAS NV+
ReadyNAS Duo
Storage Central
ReadyNAS 2100
ReadyNAS 1100
ReadyNAS 3200




We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following Synology Technology models:
Disk Station DS509+
Rack Station RS409+ /
Disk Station DS409+
Disk Station DS209+II
Disk Station DS109+
Rack Station RS407
Disk Station DS409
Disk Station DS209
Disk Station DS109 
Cube Station CS407e
Disk Station DS209j
Disk Station DS109j
Disk Station DS-106j
USB Station




We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following Thecus NAS models:
  Thecus Enterprise 
  Thecus SMB/SME 
Thecus SOHO 
    N0204 miniNAS 
  THecus Multimedia 
  5. DAS 
  Thecus iSCSI Storage 





We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following Sans AccuNAS models:



DAS Storage

NAS Servers






We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following Western Digital models:


 Western Digital My Book World Edition
Western Digital My Book World Edition 2
Western Digital ShareSpace


We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following LaCie models:


  LaCie Network Space
500GB | 1TB

Internet Space
500GB | 1TB

LaCie d2 Network
500GB | 1TB | 1.5TB

LaCie Big Disk Network
2TB | 3TB | 4TB

LaCie 2big Network
1TB | 2TB | 3TB | 4TB

LaCie 5big Network
2.5TB | 5TB | 7.5TB | 10TB

LaCie Ethernet Disk
2TB | 4TB | 6TB

LaCie 2big Spare Drive
500GB | 1TB | 1.5TB | 2TB

LaCie 4big/5big Spare Drive
500GB | 1TB | 1.5TB | 2TB



We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following Buffalo Technology models:


  TeraStation™ Duo
  1.0 TB, 2.0 TB
TeraStation™ III
 2.0 TB, 4.0 TB, 6.0 TB, 8.0 TB
TeraStation Pro™ II
 1.0 TB, 2.0 TB, 4.0 TB, 6.0 TB 
TeraStation Pro™ II Rackmount
 1.0 TB, 2.0 TB, 4.0 TB, 6.0 TB, 8.0 TB 
TeraStation Pro™ II iSCSI
 1.0 TB, 2.0 TB, 4.0 TB 
TeraStation Pro™ II iSCSI Rackmount Storage System
 1.0 TB, 2.0 TB, 4.0 TB, 6.0 TB, 8.0 TB

LinkStation Mini™
 500 GB, 1.0 TB, 500 GB, 1.0 TB 
LinkStation Live™ LS-CHL
 500 GB, 1.0 TB, 2.0 TB 
LinkStation Pro™ LS-XHL
 1.0 TB, 1.5 TB, 2.0 TB 
LinkStation Pro Duo™
 1.0 TB, 2.0 TB 
LinkStation™ Quad
 1.0 TB, 2.0 TB, 4.0 TB, 6.0 TB, 8.0 TB


We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following Dell PowerVault models:


   Dell NX4 Enterprise-class Network Attached Storage
Dell NX4 Enterprise-class Network Attached Storage
Dell PowerVault NX3000
PowerVault NX1950 SAN Gateway
PowerVault NX1950 Integrated NAS Solution
Dell PowerVault NF600 Network Attached Storage
Dell PowerVault NF500 Network Attached Storage
Dell PowerVault NF100 Network Attached Storage                We also provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for the following Seagate NAS Devices:   Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net STAK100, Seagate BlackArmor Network Attached Storage, GoFlex Home Network Storage System, FreeAgent GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device,FreeAgent DockStar
 currently provides Wisconsin residents and businesses with External NAS Raid Data Recovery and Raid Server NAS Raid Data Recovery Services to the following  Cities :


External Hard Drive Data Recovery Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Appleton, Madison, Waukesha, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Kenosha, Eau Claire, Racine, West Allis, Janesville, La Crosse, Sheboygan, Wauwatosa, Fond Du Lac, Brookfield, Wausau, New Berlin, Beloit, Greenfield, Manitowoc, Franklin, Oak Creek 




We also provide Raid Server Data Recovery and Wisconsin External NAS Raid Data Recovery to the additional locations

 Wisconsin, Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee



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